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Anti Fading (Ultra Violet Protection) Window Films.


People often ask "How can I stop my carpet from fading?" It is a popular belief that UV (Ultra Violet) light is the sole cause of damage to fabrics and upholstery. 

Yet this is not the case. As you can see from the chart below, UV light only contributes to 40% of the fading of fabrics and furnishings, 25% is caused by heat, another 25% is caused by visible light and the other 4% is made up of other the wave lengths in the visible light spectrum, such as infrared. The other 6% is down to the quality of the fabric i.e. dyes will naturally fade over time even in complete darkness. Further to this, environmental conditions such as humidity and poor ventilation can all have a detrimental effect on the fading of upholstery, fabrics and floors.

Anyone facing these issues can take a number of steps to combat them. Moving the susceptible items out of the sunlight is the first step to reduce fading and protect valuables, yet in most cases this is not realistic or desirable. Next is to reduce the heat within the building as this contributes up to 25% of fading. However in large buildings such as museums, cooling such a large space with modern air-conditioning systems can be costly whilst dramatically increasing the building's carbon foot.

Sadly there is nothing that will completely STOP the fading of fabrics, upholstery and carpets completely. The only solution is in REDUCING these effects. Applied Products have a wide range of cost effective window films that can be retrofitted and will protect shop displays, floors, paintings and valuable antiques from fading or in some cases from melting due to the sun.

The first step in tackling the first 40% of the problem is to install a standard clear film that rejects 99% of the sun's ultra violet rays, but in order to address the other wavelengths within sunlight the answer is to use a slightly darker window film tint. This is where specialist Museum Grade Window Films come into their own: LLumar's specialist Museum Grade window films will STOP 99.9% of UV light and come in a range of tints. A darker tint will be able to reduce the heat within the building by rejecting up to 89% of the Shading coefficient (g-value) depending on the tint. They can be applied internally or externally with a comprehensive manufacturer backed warranty.

Striking a balance between the tint and the amount of protection required is often necessary because museums and stately homes are often listed and are not permitted to change the appearance of the external facade. Often the answer is to apply a lightly tinted specialist museum grade window film externally. By doing this you are not entirely addressing the problem of visible light (25%) fading the fabrics but you are addressing up to 69% of the fading problem (25% heat, 40% UV and 4% infrared) by allowing the window film to reject the suns heat away from the building before it even enters the glass. (click here to read about choosing an external application or internal application)

Choosing a window film to suit your needs requires the specialist knowledge that Applied Products has been able to provide for over 30 years in the business. Please call to discuss your needs.


 Fade Reduction Window Film


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Applied Products have a wide range of quality commercial and domestic window blinds. Blinds can instantly change the atmosphere in a room and they can be an effective window treatment as you can choose to diffuse the light or completely block it out.

  • Provides decoration, privacy and security
  • Come in a massive range of styles, materials and fabrics
  • Window blinds allow more control over amount of light entering the room.
  • All of the blinds installed by Applied Products are made to the highest standards and all come with genuine warranty's
  • Blinds are easily maintained and most components can be replaced easily if needed



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