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Blast Protection

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  1. How we can help you
  2. Bomb Blast Protection Window Film 
  3. Why use 3M Ultra Series Window Films
  4. How Bomb Blast Protection Window Films Work
  5. Tehnical Information
  6. Edge Retention/Impact Protection


With the increasing threat of global terrorism, the need for added protection-especially to glazing-is essential

1. How we can help you

Applied Products:

  • One of the country's leading installer of bomb blast protection window films
  • 20 years' experience and knowledge of blast and forced entry mitigation solutions
  • Offer a consultation service to simulate the effects of an explosion on a property
  • Advise on the best solutions for you

We supply and install a range of specialist bomb blast and anti shatter window films, designed specifically to protect glass in the event of extreme stress or attack

Industrial Explosions

Petrochemical plant explosions are another cause of injury or loss of life. Blast studies show that most of the injuries to personnel in facility explosions are the result of shards of glass flying through the air,  Security Film can help to provide a cost-effective measure to gain immediate protection.

Spontaneous Glass Breakage 

Spontaneous glass breakage is the sudden shattering of contaminated toughened glass, and occurs at random. Once this hazard is identified, immediate action must be taken to protect occupants and passers-by from falling glass.

Bomb Blast 

Blast mitigation is a serious issue and it is vital that the correct solution is provided for each individual set of circumstances. These circumstances vary due to the type of building, design of windows and type of threat faced. We would always recommend contacting us directly to discuss your specific situation. We can then advise the best course of action for your prject. For futher information please call 01792 895730.





2. Bomb Blast Protection Window Film


Bomb blast protection is required in an increasing number of situations. There are a comprehensive range of products available which will provide the best posible mitigation, including specially developed window films and anchorage systems.These films are also available in additional solar control and privacy to enhance the performance of the glass. All window films can be retro fitted at a significantly lower cost than replacing the existing glazing system, with minimum disruption to the buildings occupants.

Bomblast Protection Window Films are typically specified for ground floor windows and other high security areas of buildings considered to be at risk



Safety films are now widely used by Government offices and agencies as well as many commercial organisations concerned with addressing the corporate risk of bomb blast on or near their premises. It is important to know that flying glass from an explosion causes more injury and death to soft targets than the bomb-blast itself. In the event of a bomb blast or explosion, a single square foot of glass can shatter into 200 sharp fragments, each one traveling at up to 40 metres per second.  According to the Centre for the Protection of National Infrastructure (, flying glass causes 95% of all injuries in an explosion.

Buildings close to a potential terrorist target may still be subject to substantial damage from an attack that's not specifically directed at them, and the damage caused can often be more widespread and costly than first thought. Complete technical systems have to be overhauled due to glass fragments contaminating computers and fittings.

Standard Security Film will not prevent glass breaking from an explosion, but it will stop it travelling any significant distance. Specifically, Security Film has the ability to halve the distance that a building's glazing is safe from a lorry bomb to just 100 metres. Security Films are tested to EN12600 (Glass in building, pendulum test, impact method test and classification for flat glass) and EN356 (European Resistance to Manual Attack Standard).





3. Why use 3M Ultra Series Window Films

• Impact protection against flying or broken glass
• Multilayer bomb blast mitigation technology
• Increased peace of mind with market leading tear resistance
• Superior protection against forced entry and civil unrest
• Clear films that blocks up to 99.9% of UV to reduce fading

3M’s Ultra Series provide an effective protection from injuries to persons or damage to items caused by fragments of broken glass. In the case of glass breakage, the fragments are held together by strong acrylic adhesives. This technology can mitigate bomb blasts as well as provide superior protection against forced entry, civil unrest and other impacts.It is important to be aware that no window film or attachment system can completely remove the threat posed by an explosion of bomb blast, but by matching the correct solution for each situation the security and safety of your building will be improved dramatically.

All of our installers are certified to

All films are installed by our trained operatives and most come with a full 10-year guarantee

3M Scotchshield Ultra S600 and Ultra S800 are designed for use on the interior surface of windows. They are composed of alternating stacks of transparent and weather stable polyester film, scratch resistant surface and a strong acrylic adhesive. The high tensile strength and elongation at break properties, plus market leading tear strength (Graves tear), significantly increase resistance of the glazing system to impact. A superior adhesive also results in market leading fragment retention.


Film Type

Film Direction

Film Thickness

Visible Light Transmitted (on clear 6mm glass according to EN410)

Tensile Strength and Elongation according to ISO EN 527-3/2/50

Tear Resistance according to DIN ISO 34-1 Method B (a)

Peel Adhesion on glass according to EN 28510-2

Abrasion Resistance according to EN15752-1





Tensile @ Break (MPa)

Elongation @ Break (%)

Graves Tear Resistance (N mm)

Peel Strength (N/25mm)

Delta Haze (%)

Scotchshield Ultra S600













Scotchshield Ultra S800














Scotchshield Ultra S600 and Ultra S800 are certified impact resistant according to EN 12600. Both films are also rated Class A fire resistant according ASTM E84.

It is agreed that 3M Ultra Protection Series offers the best protection of any laminate on the market.

Other manufacturers make their security film as a layered polyester (PET Security Films). 3M use mylar which is similar to Teflon used in bullet proof vests.


4. How Bomb Blast Protection Window Films Work


3M Ultra 600 Bomb-blast protection window film is a highly specialised window film that will, in the event of an explosion, significantly reduce the risk of injury from flying glass. Combined with 3M™ Impact Protection attachment systems, you can be sure you are getting the best possible protection. 

Anti-shatter window films and attachment systems can only do so much in protecting against explosions, but by allowing Applied Products to assess your glazing system you can be sure that we will find the correct solution to dramatically reduce risk to the building occupants and the general public.

3M Bomb-blast films are available in a range of thicknesses and grades, with each option having been extensively tested at independent testing facilities to ensure the best possible protection against criminal damage, bomb-blast, extreme weather or explosion.

3M Bomb-blast protection film comes in a range of tints so as to best suit the aesthetics of the building and all security window films can be retro fitted at a significantly lower cost than replacing the existing glazing system, with minimum disruption to the buildings occupants.

  • 3M Ultra 600 window film is applied to the inside of existing glass
  • After 6 weeks the film is fully cured and bonded to the glass using 3M's strong acrylic adhesive system
  • An attachment system (either wet or mechanical) is applied around the perimeter of the window, enabling the anti-shatter film to be bonded to the frame as well as to the glass itself
  • In the event of an explosion the glass will break but is held within the frame, preventing the broken shards from being propelled through the air
  • Window films rely on their ability to flex during the explosion so they can absorb the energy of the blast
  • 3M’s Ultra 600 is thinner than other bomb blast films, but this gives it the advantage of greater flexibility, thereby allowing the glass pane to flex more during the blast
  • Unlike thicker films which are more rigid and can ‘snap’ during the blast, the Ultra 600 has a unique multilayer construction making it 32 times more resistant against tearing than any other safety film of equal thickness


5. Technical Information


3M’s Ultra 600 Anti-Shatter window film, according to United States General Services Administration (GSA-TS01-2003) Rating Criteria has achieved a rating of 2 which equates to ‘Minimal Hazard/Very High Protection’ on a double glazed pane of glass with either a Wet Glaze or a Mechanical Attachment System.

3M Ultra 600 Anti-Shatter Window Film can withstand a Nominal Blast Load of: 14 psi, 70psi msec. (Pressure, Impulse) or 10psi, 89 psi msec. (Pressure, Impulse)

Performance Condition (GSA Rating)

Protection Level

Hazard Level

Glazing System Response




Glazing does not break. No visible damage to glazing of frame


Very High


Glazing cracks but is retained by the frame. Dusting or very small fragments near sill or on floor acceptable.




Glazing cracks. Fragments enter space and land on floor no further than 3.3ft from the window.




Glazing cracks. Fragments enter space and land on floor no further than 10 ft from the window.




Glazing Cracks. Fragments enter space and land on floor and impact a vertical witness panel at a distance of no more than 10 ft from the window at a height no greater than 2ft above the floor.




Glazing Cracks and window system fail catastrophically. Fragments enter space impacting a vertical witness panel at a distance of no more than 10ft from the window at a height greater than 2 ft above the floor.




Film Attachment

Nominal Blast Load (Pressure, Impulse)

Window Type

GSA Rating

3M Ultra S600 (6mil micro-layered film)

None (“Daylight”)

9 psi, 50 ps1*msec

Single Pane


Wet Glaze

15 psi, 85 psi*msec

Double Pane


8 psi, 46 psi *msec

Single pane

14 psi, 70 psi*msec

Double Pane


10 psi, 89 psi*msec

Mechanical Attachment

9 psi, 50 psi*msec

Single Pane


Double Pane

15 psi, 82 psi*msec

Double Pane


15 psi, 59 psi*msec

Double Pane



6. Edge Retention/Impact Protection

For ultimate protection and security an anchorage and edge retention system may be installed. These systems are designed to maximise the effectiveness of existing filmed glass and frames by preventing the filmed glazing from leaving the glass when it breaks. The film is trapped to the frame, reducing the risk in highly vulnerable areas by containing the glass fragments within the frame safely and securely until it can be replaced.

edge protection

3M™ Impact Protection Profile

3M’s unique impact protection profile combines the toughness of 3M™ Ultra Safety and Security Films with an adhesive or profile attachment system that helps shield against impact from events such as severe weather, earthquakes, bomb blasts or forced entry. This combination system attaches the film to the window frame, creating a robust shield, giving extra assurance against impact from earthquakes and forced entry events – with enough strength to handle even bomb blasts. It also protects against personal injury from flying glass.

• Shield against impact from events such as severe weather, earthquakes, bomb blasts or forced entry
• Choose from either a 3M™ Impact Protection Adhesive or 3M™ Impact Protection Profile system
• Protect against personal injury from flying glass
• Provides highest level of protection

We are able to offer advice for your specific projects and provide solutions on our large range of edge retention systems depending on glass type, installation, frame type and the level of protection required.

  • Reduced Personal Injury

  • Reduced Collateral Damage

  • Protection of Expensive Business Assets and Important Documents

  • Ease of Clear Up-Reduced Expensive Business Downtime

  • Damage Control





The area of bomb-blast protection is a serious one, we recommend speaking to us for more information. One of our experienced team members will take the time to fully understand the nature of your situation and will suggest the film most suited to your situation.




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