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Window Film: to change the properties of glass for solar and heat, to reduce fading, increase the safety and security of glass


Graphics: An image converted into a printed or a cut graphic and applied to a wall or glazed screen


Signage: to display and communicate a message or image using a wide variety of materials


Window Blinds: very effective for controlling glare and privacy at the pull of a cord.


Slip Resistant Products: may be applied to a variety of surfaces to minimise the risk of slips, trips and falls

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Friday, 16 March 2018 07:29

Can Window Graphics Benefit Your Business?

Written by

Can Window Graphics Benefit Your Business?

Window graphics are widely underestimated as a marketing tool for businesses, with many business owners unsure about whether they are worth the investment and the value they can bring. Once you know the many benefits they can offer, however, this way of thinking is crazy; not only are window graphics cheap and easy to use and replace, but they also start working their marketing magic instantly!

We previously wrote a blog on the many benefits that window graphics can offer a business, such as:

  • Saving you time and money
  • Making your business look professional
  • Increasing your brand awareness
  • Providing you privacy and
  • Expanding your customer base

For all the benefits, see our blog 8 Valuable Ways Window Graphics Can Benefit Your Business, otherwise read on to see if your business can benefit from them.


Organisations That Can Benefit from Using Window Graphics

1. Retail Stores

Window graphics are an invaluable advertising tool when it comes to retail. In fact, they are often referred to as the “Invisible Salesman” because they are that effective!

Graphics can communicate anything you want to to your customers from promoting your discounts and sales and increasing awareness of new products or lines to directing your customers around the shop or informing them of your opening times for an improved customer experience. They can even be used to enhance your brand awareness if they complement your shop decor and brand colours! Whatever reason you can think of to use them, you can be sure that good graphics will make you stand out from the other shop fronts around you and bring more people through your doors!


2. Restaurants & Cafes

The food industry benefits greatly from using window graphics, as food always sells!

We’ve all seen Costa and Starbucks, windows full of their logo and whatever promotion that they are offering this season, and there’s a reason for it: it works! By having their logo branding their windows, they are increasing their brand awareness whilst also bringing your attention to their shop front and their interior. Once people can see the inside and your products, they are much more likely to want something and come inside. Restaurants and cafes can use window graphics to promote what they offer, maintain a professional establishment and stand out from competitors, all of which will get their brand recognised and expand their customer base!


3. Schools & University

Whilst schools and universities don’t need to necessarily market what they offer using window graphics, they can benefit from using them in other ways; having their logo on their windows gives the grounds a professional and polished look, whilst also symbolising community. This is an important sentiment that needs to be conveyed throughout the grounds of these organisations. Graphics can also be used to increase brand awareness and for ease of use of the grounds, such as directions, parking instructions and so on.


4. Offices

Any office can benefit from using window graphics, especially offices that have windows that look out onto busy streets. Graphics can be used for the benefits that we have already mentioned for other organisations, such as for brand exposure, a professional look and to improve customer experience, but one of the major benefits for offices is privacy. You can have a unique frosted window graphic that takes up most of the window, giving you the necessary privacy and piquing the interest of passersby outside. People that are attracted by the graphic but can’t completely see inside are more likely to come inside to see what you offer.


5. Any Business with Windows!

Obviously, there are many businesses and organisations that can benefit from using window graphics as all you need are windows! Use them to describe exactly what you offer, attract new potential customers and to make a memorable impact to build your brand awareness. What’s really great about window graphics is that they are cost-effective and easy marketing tools that are sure to give you a high ROI!



Window graphics create endless possibilities for your business.…

If you need any help or advice on what types of window graphics are best for your company or office, don’t hesitate to get in touch; we’d love to help! Applied Products has limitless options, so we can help you transform your business into one that makes a memorable impact.

Applied Products - This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. / 01792 895730

8 Valuable Ways Window Graphics Can Benefit Your Business

We are all guilty of one of two things when walking down the high street: either we tend to walk with our heads down, on a mission to get a specific thing that we need, or our heads are in the clouds and we aimlessly wander, oblivious to what is going on around us. While this is no problem for us, this is not good for the businesses around us. So what, if anything, can they do? They can try everything that they can to attract our attention!

Sometimes, all it takes is a bold and eye-catching window graphic to appeal to passersby and bring them inside. Once inside, your business can do the talking! 

Getting over this first hurdle is essential for business, but if you’re still unsure whether you should invest in window graphics, here are 8 other benefits that it can provide!

pexels-photo-164763 (1).jpeg

Window Graphics Can….

Save you time and money

Window graphics are probably one of the most inexpensive ways to advertise, plus they start to work instantly so they are an invaluable addition to your business! As well as being an incredibly effective method of attracting potential new customers, window graphics are also quick and easy to install and easily removed. This means that you can update them as needed, whether your business has developed a different brand, you are offering new services, or you want appealing displays that match the season. 

Make your business look professional

When you build your business you build your brand and a great brand can be very powerful. We all know how much of an impact a brand can have on our buying habits, if you’ve ever bought Coca-Cola over Pepsi or a branded t-shirt just because of that brand you’ll know firsthand, but why? Put simply, a brand that we know and like gives us comfort. We recognise it, we trust it and therefore we find it more appealing over others. By having your brand displayed on your windows, you are showing your new and existing customers that you are legit, professional and trustworthy. 

Give You Privacy 

Window graphics can have multiple uses as well as advertising, such as providing your business with a comfortable working environment. Whether you need partial or complete privacy from a busy street or shade from the sun at certain times of the day, graphics with frosted effects can achieve the desired effect that you want whilst still wowing your customers from the outside. 

Shopfront 2.jpg

Increase your brand awareness

As said previously, your brand is essential to your business and can be very powerful when used right, so you need to be getting it out there in front of people as much as possible. With unique and eye-catching window graphics, you can do just that, ensuring that your company name and logo stay in your potential customer’s minds long after they’ve left you. After all, out of a plain shop front or one with a colourful and interesting window graphic that makes you stop to look at it, which one will you remember afterwards?

Promote what you have to offer

People aren’t going to know what special offers and promotions you have on unless you tell them, so display it on your windows and people literally won’t be able to resist. A well-placed window graphic can bring any curious passerby inside, so don’t underestimate the power of basic in-your-face marketing. 

Bring more people through your door

More people through the door equals more potential sales, so give yourself the best chance and increase your traffic with great window graphics. Most people walk past buildings with just a glance at a window front so an effective graphic needs to first capture their attention. Once it has done that, it needs to then pique their curiosity enough to bring them inside. A graphic that is offering a promotion, that is an interesting shape for them to work out, or one that partially blocks what is inside can be enough for them to come in just to see what you do. 



Improve customer experience

Window graphics are also a great way to improve your customer’s experience! By having graphics that tell people that a door is push or pull or to use the front entrance, you are making their lives easier, and therefore, them happier. You don’t want to be frustrating your new potential customers before you’ve shown them what you offer, so give them a good first impression to give your relationship the best start.

Help you stand out from your competitors

When the high street is lined with similar sized buildings and shop fronts, what makes your business stand out? What makes people come to you? With a unique and bold window graphic, you can make sure that your business isn’t lost amongst the others. You can even go the extra mile and put your decals on your company cars and vans!

So, do you think that window graphics are worth the investment with these benefits that they offer your business? Often the simplest marketing efforts are the most effective, so if you want to maximise your message, increase your brand awareness and expand your customer base, this one easy change might be just what you need!


Window graphics create endless possibilities for your business.…

If you need any help or advice on what types of window graphics are best for your company or office, don’t hesitate to get in touch; we’d love to help! Applied Products has limitless options, so we can help you transform your business into into one that makes a memorable impact.

Applied Products - This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. / 01792 895730


How To Spruce Up Your Home with Printed Wall Graphics


When it comes to redecorating our homes, people often turn to paint as their first quick and easy update. After all, a fresh lick of paint or a new colour all together is a great way to make an immediate and noticeable change or to make a room look new again, plus it is so cost-effective. 

While painting is a practical solution, what many people don’t know is that printed wall graphics are just as easy to use and they give you endless options to spruce up your home. Then, of course, there’s no mess or drying time! With printed wall graphics, you can really personalise your home, making each room come to life with unique designs. 

With the only limit being your imagination, we decided to put together this quick guide on how you can spruce up your home to give you some creative inspiration!



Our bedrooms are our sanctuaries, a place where we can relax, rejuvenate and revitalise after a hard days work; a space that is truly ours where we can shut off from the world and spend some time with ourselves. 

With a room as important as this, it is essential that our bedroom decor oozes tranquillity, setting the scene for that all-important respite. 



Children’s Bedroom or Nursery

With our children’s bedrooms, relaxing is a whole other story. Being young and full of energy, our little one’s rooms need to be bold, stimulating the imagination and setting the scenes for their adventures. The easiest way to do this? Printed wall graphics!

Why not get creative and decorate their rooms with their favourite princesses or film characters? As your child grows, why not transform their bedroom into outer space bringing their dream of becoming an astronaut to life?


Living Room

Our living rooms are another space for relaxation, somewhere that we retreat to when we want to begin to wind down and snuggle up with the family. With comfortable and cosy being the main purpose of this room, the need to reflect this in its decoration is paramount.

As well as bringing warm colours such as reds and oranges into the room’s design, you can also add creative wall graphics to bring in warmth in other ways. If you have a fireplace, why not add a backdrop of a tree or a forest to make you feel truly at peace? Or even bottles made up of soft colours that  complement the snugness that the fire brings?




Our bathrooms may be a place where we get clean but they should reflect how refreshed we feel when we leave it! You can easily do this by adding some small graphic details such as falling leaves or pebbles to create a peaceful and natural setting. You could even go a step further and completely transform the room. With printed wall graphics, you could create your own haven to escape to for a quick refresh, a space that looks like a whole new world.

Make your bathroom what you want. Fancy a calming beach vibe? Decorate a wall with a soft sand scene or gentle tidal waves. How about a peaceful woodland cabin or a quirky bathroom that makes you feel like you’re on a boat? Something as simple as driftwood wallpaper can really set your ideal scene.



Kitchens are a big part of our day, taking the brunt of the home’s daily activities. Whether we’re cooking meals for the family, helping our children do their homework or hosting a full and lively dinner party, we need a space that is modern and welcoming with decoration that symbolises the life and activity in the home.

Printed wall graphics are a great way to personalise your kitchen and really make it your own. Bring this space to life with some small but bold details such as some colourful fruit or spices, plants or nature scenes, or your favourite cooking quotes.



Other Rooms

Obviously, the rooms above are pivotal to our everyday life, but that’s not to mean that we’ve forgotten about the others! Spruce up the remaining rooms with printed wall graphics and you can really make these rooms stand out.

Do you have a home office? Why not decorate it with a map of the world, inspirational quotes or something that inspires a positive and productive attitude. Need to spruce up your dining room or hallway? Create a theme that complements your home decor or just add some graphics to make the room pop. You’ll soon realise just how much you use these rooms when you have a design that wows you every time. 



So what are you waiting for? The possibilities of printed wall graphics are endless! Get creative and let your imagination run wild when sprucing up your home.

For people who want to add some fun to their rooms in a simple way, printed wall graphics are an effortless and cost-effective way to do it!



Wall graphics create endless possibilities to help enhance any space or environment.…

If you need any help or advice on what types of wall graphics are best for your house, company or office, don’t hesitate to get in touch; we’d love to help! Applied Products has limitless options, so we can help you transform your room into a comfortable and productive space.

Applied Products - This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. / 01792 895730


8 Ways That Printed Wall Graphics Can Benefit Your Business

Customers have many choices when it comes to selecting a company that provides a particular product or service. Even if they have been with a company before, another could just as easily swoop in and take that business, so what can you do to make your business stand out and keep your customers coming back?

One easy way to make an impact and ensure your business is memorable is through unique printed wall graphics. When used right, wall graphics can really draw attention, making them an effective marketing tool that creates a powerful and unforgettable first impression. 

As well as helping you make an impact with that all-important first impression, printed wall graphics offer many other benefits to your business. Here are 8 of them below!


Printed Wall Graphics Can…


Create a productive working environment

There’s nothing like motivation and determination to get your staff working as productively as possible but sometimes goals and targets just won’t do. With the right wall graphics, you could allow your walls to inspire productivity for you. Whether you use graphics reinforcing the business’s mission statement or opt for beach scenes or city skylines, these images can really influence a working space positively, helping your workers to push through any slumps they have throughout the day.


Make an impact on customers

There’s no way of avoiding big and colourful graphics that are literally in your face, so imagine how much of an impression this will make on your customers. In reception areas and any rooms that you are interacting with customers, how about adding wall graphics to do just that? A good quality and well-designed wall graphic has the power to compel people and convey what you want to about your business, and the best part is is that it will be memorable to them for a long time after they leave!

Insider Tip: for businesses who have been using the same space for a long time, why not add a new wall graphic to update the place and surprise your regular customers? It can really make them feel like they are visiting a completely new place!




Drive impulse sales

We’ve all bought things on impulse, so why not try to achieve this with your customers through the use of powerful wall graphics? Graphics can effectively communicate why your customers should buy a product through images alone, so consider your audience’s needs as well as what your product or service actually is before the designing stage. If you are a retail business, don’t forget to add point of sale displays alongside your graphics to increase impulse sales. 


Attract new customers

As we said above, images have a way of drawing our attention and captivating it until we’ve understood and processed what we are looking at, so naturally, this makes them the best tools for attracting new customers! It’s true, we can’t resist looking at interesting things. If you have a unique and intriguing printed wall graphic in your vicinity, with businesses that have a window front, in particular, you can be sure that this will literally attract passersby and bring them through your doors for you to potentially convert to customers. 


Communicate your mission and values

Pictures say a thousand words, so what better way to tell everyone who you are and what you do than with a wall graphic? People associate images and colours with certain experiences and emotions, so imagine how powerful an impression you can make through using them. Having a printed wall graphic that represents the culture of your company or even one that specifically shows them the history of how you came to be what you are now, is the best way to communicate and connect with your customers. 

Insider Tip: many customers make decisions to buy based on trust, so use powerful images to connect with them and form lasting relationships.


Advertise your products or services

One of the biggest benefits that printed wall graphics can give your business is that they are an ideal advertising tool! We’ve all seen cafes that use graphics to call attention to the drinks that they sell and they are very effective. Why? Because people forget things and reminding them can drive their decision to buy. Although we all know that cafes sell tea and coffee, having big letters advertising ALL of the products on offer can lead us to buy a hot chocolate or chai tea latte instead. 



Create the ideal atmosphere

Every business is unique and the environment should reflect this. Using printed wall graphics, you can create the ideal atmosphere that you need to increase productivity, make your customers feel welcome and inspire the emotions that are needed to drive your business. Great examples of this are businesses that provide a service, such as a gym or a nursery. When customers are at the gym, seeing graphics of fit and powerful people doing sports triggers the motivation and determination they need to work out. Whereas, at a nursery, colourful and positive graphics such as plants can create a comforting environment that inspires learning.

Insider Tip: some businesses can create the ideal environment by just using their logo alone. If you offer memberships, seeing graphics of your company logo, motto and emblem can create a sense of belonging and encourage brand loyalty. 


Make a statement!

Whether you’re rebranding your business or just giving it a refresh, spread the news with powerful graphics that communicate the changes whilst reiterating your core values!

The right types of wall graphics can help you attract the right customers to your business, but they can also benefit your business for a long time after. With these great 8 benefits above, don’t wait any longer to create powerful wall graphics that will attract new customers, establish brand recognition and leave them with a memorable visual experience unique to your business. 


Wall graphics create endless possibilities to help enhance any space or environment.…

If you need any help or advice on what types of wall graphics are best for your house, company or office, don’t hesitate to get in touch; we’d love to help! Applied Products has limitless options, so we can help you transform your room into a comfortable and productive space.

Applied Products - This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. / 01792 895730

Monday, 23 October 2017 22:25

6 Pesky Problems That Window Film Can Solve

Written by

We are exposed to glass windows every day, whether we are sitting in the conservatory at home, we are out shopping or if we work in an office, so the fact that windows play such a vital role in our lives means that they should be a priority of care. After all, there are many problems that we have that are due to windows that we don’t realise that we can easily solve.

Enter, window film!

Window film is a product that can be easily applied to a window’s surface to improve the existing glazing system, and the best part is, that you can’t even see it (unless you want to)!

With so many different types of window films that satisfy different uses, it’s no surprise that they also solve a variety of problems. That’s why we’ve put this handy list of problems that window film can solve together, just to show you how amazing the product is!



Window film can…

Provide Privacy

Problem: Although the majorities of burglaries take place during the night, a business that has big windows can allow criminals to see what valuable assets they have to offer during the day.

Solution: Window Film can provide daytime privacy whatever floor you’re on, whether you just require tinting or you want a full blown mirror effect so that you can see out but no-one can see in. One way vision films are great to provide employee privacy whilst also increasing the security of your business.


Provide Safety and Security

Problem: Windows are the weakest security measure in any business, so with threat levels on the rise, it’s never been so important to ensure that these can’t be exploited. Employee safety is also a concern for employers as serious injuries can occur when glass is shattered.

Solution: Window Film can provide both safety and security to a company by increasing the strength of the windows, making them harder to break, and holding the glass in place if they were to shatter. Not only does is this an ideal and inexpensive solution to replacing all glass windows, but it is also one of the best ways to prevent serious injury that could result from broken glass.

See our shatterproof and bomb blast protection window films.



Reduce Glare

Problem: You wouldn’t think so, especially in the UK, but solar glare is an all year round problem. Whether it is the low Winter sun or the intense Summer rays, glare can affect us at work or at home, affecting our visual acuity and comfort and making the use of devices with a screen almost impossible.

Solution: Window Film reduces solar glare by 95% without compromising on the level of natural sunlight. Unlike blinds, film is also inexpensive to install and doesn’t require regular maintenance as it doesn’t collect dust!



Reduce Fading

Problem: We love the sun but its UV rays and the heat it produces is not good for our fabrics! If you have furniture in your conservatory or work in retail with big shop displays, you will know first-hand how the sun fades our fabrics, upholstery, and carpets over time.

Solution: Window Film can help to reduce fading as it filters out 99% of the sun’s harmful UVA and UVB rays. Although all fabrics fade naturally over time, film helps them to last much longer!



Provide Temperature Control

Problem: A lot of energy and money goes into temperature control, whether we are heating our houses or heating and cooling buildings to create the ideal work environment. In today’s society, there is also the added pressure of reducing energy use, so how do we balance the two?

Solution: Window Film is a great energy-saving measure as not only does it reduce excessive heat gain through your windows, but it also makes it harder for heat to escape through the glass. This makes it the perfect tool for reducing energy consumption and energy costs whilst also providing increased comfort with the perfect temperature.



Save You Money!

Problem: Energy is expensive but there is still a high demand for its use and companies have a duty of care to their employees to provide a comfortable work environment.

Solution: Window Films are one of the best energy management solutions, both in terms of energy efficiency and energy savings!


The great thing about window films, as well as them being a cost-effective glazing solution, is that they come in a variety of different formats to solve specific problems, so they can satisfy your practical and aesthetic needs whatever they may be!


We at Applied Products offer one of the widest range of high-performance architectural window films in the UK…

If you need any help or advice on what types of window films are best for your house, company or office, don’t hesitate to get in touch; we’d love to help! Applied Products has a large range of specialist window films, so we can help you transform your room into a comfortable and productive space.

Applied Products - This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. / 01792 895730

What we may consider being minor problems can cause further problems over time, and this is a real issue for many organisations. For example, the sun that streams through the windows of your office may not seem like such a big deal at the time. However, the hotter it gets, the more uncomfortable workers get and therefore their productivity suffers. The heat build-up can also lead to more serious problems such as the exacerbation of medical conditions such as asthma.

So what is the solution?

3M Prestige Window Film

Many organisations have their own specific issues that they don’t realise can be easily solved with window film. It may seem surprising, such a simple solution, yet all these different organisations and their variety of issues can all be solved by this one product!

There are many different types of window film in the 3M Prestige series, depending on the needs of the user, but each film provides benefits that would be invaluable to many organisations.



Advantages of 3M Prestige Window Film

  • Rejects UV light - reduces fading to fabrics and furnishings
  • Low reflection - reduces glare on screens
  • Reduces solar heat gain - reduces the need for air conditioning
  • Allows the management of energy costs
  • Improves occupant comfort
  • The product is light and transparent unlike cheaper, tinted mirror versions


Organisations That Can Benefit from 3M Prestige Window Film

  1. Schools & Universities

3M Prestige Window film can help create comfortable and therefore productive work environments for pupils and students. This is particularly important in Summer and during exam season if rooms have large or many windows. As well as comfort, window film can help reduce energy costs and minimise the need for air conditioning during the hotter months.


  1. Offices

Many workers suffer in offices that have windows due to the sun streaming through, as this can cause glare on computer screens and an intolerable build up of heat. This can seriously impact the health of workers which may lead to more employees taking sick days when this could be avoided. 3M Prestige Window Film not only satisfies your duty of care to your employees in terms of health and safety but it will also allow you to put more money back into your business by helping you manage your climate and save on energy costs.

Read: How to Improve Office Productivity and Save Money!


  1. Retail Stores

Any shop that has windows or window displays and who needs to regulate the temperature of their environment would benefit from using window film. As mentioned above, 3M Prestige Window Film reduces UV rays that would otherwise fade clothes or furniture that are in a shop’s window displays, so something as simple as this film could give your products more long-term protection, saving you money and reducing waste. Even cake shops, bakeries, and cafes could benefit from installing window film, as the reduction of heat passing through the windows would mean that the food would take longer to spoil.


  1. The Self-Employed

For all the same reasons above, self-employed people can also reap the rewards of using 3M Prestige Window Film. If you have a home office, the film can help reduce glare on your computer as well as reducing fading of any domestic furniture or expensive fittings. The benefits aren’t just limited to your office either! Fit them in other rooms such as the conservatory, and you can use these rooms all year long with furniture that will last a whole lot longer.

Read: How To Reduce Heat And Glare In Your Conservatory


We at Applied Products offer one of the widest range of high-performance architectural window films in the UK…

If you need any help or advice on what types of window films are best for your house, company or office, don’t hesitate to get in touch; we’d love to help! Applied Products has a large range of specialist window films, so we can help you transform your room into a comfortable and productive space.

Applied Products - This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. / 01792 895730

Friday, 22 September 2017 11:16

How to Improve Office Productivity and Save Money!

Written by


A major problem in offices that have large or many windows, is both heat and glare; heat that can create discomfort, especially for employees stationed near windows, and glare on the computer screens which can impact employee productivity.

So what is the solution?

As business owners, we have a duty of care to our employees and we know that creating a comfortable and functional workplace is essential for productivity. One of the ways you can do this is by installing Solar Control Window Film.

Solar Control Window Film is a simple and effective solution to fixing problems associated with heat and glare, as it reduces up to 85% of heat build-up from the sun and up to 95% of the glare from the sun. What many employers don’t know, however, is the many other benefits that it can give you.




Benefits of Solar Control Window Film

Window Film Improves Office Productivity

Put simply, comfortable workers are more productive workers, so creating a comfortable working environment should be at the top of your priority list. In an office space where there are lots of windows, using window film can help to reduce glare, hotspots and fluctuating temperatures, as well as reducing the glare to soften the lighting of the space. By balancing the temperature of the office and creating a light that is easier on the eyes, you’ll find that you can maintain a comfortable (and productive!) work environment all year-round.

Window Film Improves Workplace Health and Safety

As said previously, as employers, we have a duty of care to our employees. You can ensure that you protect the health of your workers when you install window film. Why? Because of many reasons! Firstly, window film protects your workers more from harmful UVA and UVB rays, which reduces their risk of developing skin cancer and other serious health issues in the future. Secondly, by reducing the heat build-up and glare on computers, you can prevent the exacerbation of illnesses such as asthma and reduce headaches from working on a dimly lit screen.

Window Film Provides the Office with Privacy and Security

Your duty of care also extends to the safety of your employees, so window film provides you with the privacy and security in order to do this. As glass and windows can be one of the most vulnerable parts of a commercial building, you can opt for a darker tinted film to reduce the risk of break-ins or you could choose a thick, security window film that is shatter-resistant. Whichever you choose, window film is a simple and cost-effective solution to reduce the risk of burglary or personal injury, as well as reducing distractions to increase productivity!

Window Film Saves You Money

Yes, window film can save you money! In offices spaces that have many windows, the costs of maintaining a consistent balanced climate (e.g using the heating in the winter and the air conditioning in the summer) are very high. With window film, you can reduce heat in the summer by 15 degrees, eliminating the need for air conditioning and therefore saving you money on energy, whilst in the winter, it also helps to keep the heat in, again saving you money.

As well as lowering your energy and operating costs, window film protects everything in your interior space. How many times have you had to replace merchandise, carpets or draperies that have faded? How many times have you had to replace equipment that has overheated or even melted slightly? By using window films on your windows, you can protect your assets to ensure that your investments last longer.

Lastly, if you’re creating an environment that is comfortable, you will find that fewer employees will be off sick and more will be working and working productively!


So, it is as simple as that. Something as simple as a Solar Control Window Film can prevent heat gain, heat loss and glare to create a comfortable environment for your workers, increasing both productivity and reducing running costs. That way, you can put more money back into your workers and your company so it is a win-win situation for everybody!


Window films come in varying degrees of light transmission, so you can pick the ones that best meet your individual needs…

If you need any help or advice on what types of window films are best for your company or office, don’t hesitate to get in touch; we’d love to help! Applied Products has a large range of specialist window films, so we can help you transform your office into a comfortable and productive space.

Applied Products - This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. / 0845 017 1047

Thursday, 10 August 2017 08:25

How To Reduce Heat And Glare In Your Conservatory

Written by

Nothing is worse than getting that brand new conservatory that you’ve always wanted and when summer comes around, you can’t use it! If you have a conservatory or have worked in an office with big windows, then you know exactly what we mean.

When the sun is beating down on your windows, people suffer with:

  • Intolerable Heat
  • Uncomfortable Glare 
  • Faded Fabrics and Furniture

All of which prevent you from using your conservatory in the summer months, the time when you want to use it most! So what is the solution? Is there even anything that can help regulate the interior temperature, whilst also reducing glare and fading?

In short - YES!


We Have the Solution: Solar Control Window Film!

Fret no more! Solar Control Window Film can be applied to the glass on your conservatory roof to reduce the buildup of heat, reduce glare, and protect your fabrics from harmful UV rays. Perfect right! Now you can use your conservatory at times of the day and year that you wouldn’t have been able to before.


How it works

No, it’s not magic! Specifically designed to address these issues, Solar Control Window Film has a specialist reflective coating, which when applied to polycarbonate or glass roofs, prevents the steady build up of heat throughout the day by reflecting the suns heat away before it can be transmitted inside. The film also filters out 99% of UV light, protecting your conservatory contents from fading and your eyes from the unrelenting glare of the sun. Now you can watch television or read comfortably and spend your time in a much more pleasant (and cool) space! 



As well as solving these three major issues, Solar Control Window Film also offers additional benefits for you and your conservatory:

  • Winter Insulation - just as the film reflects the sun away, it also reflects the heat inside, offering great insulation in the winter months and keeping you warm!
  • Inexpensive - as this film is more effective than alternatives, the investment is more than worth it!
  • Quick and Easy Installation - suitable for all types of roofs as well as internal or external installation, Solar Control Film is very simple to install!
  • No Maintenance - when professionally installed, Solar Control Film will carry a manufacturer’s warranty for 10 years and requires no additional maintenance!
  • Pleasing Appearance - you can choose your Solar Control Film from a variety of finishes; tinted film will subtly transform the appearance of the conservatory, reflective films give a more dramatic look, or neutral film blends carefully into the design and colour scheme you already have.


The Best Option to Reduce Heat and Glare in Your Conservatory 

Often when people think of how to reduce heat in their home, they turn to blinds. However, compared to film, blinds are more expensive, require regular cleaning and maintenance, and can have a substantial effect on the natural lighting in your home. Plus, in actual fact, blinds in conservatories tend to actually make them warmer, as the sun heats up the air between the blind and the glass, and this then circulates around the room. While this may be suitable for other rooms in the house, the conservatory should be a place that is cool, and as open and light as possible!


When spending thousands of pounds on a beautiful new conservatory, you want to be able to use it as much as possible to relax in and admire your garden views. With Solar Control Window Film, you can do just that! Not only does the film go unnoticed once it has been installed, but it also ensures that your conservatory stays much cooler and more comfortable all year around.


Make the most of your conservatory with window film!

If you need any help or advice for what types of window films are best for your conservatory, don’t hesitate to get in touch; we’d love to help! Applied Products has a large range of specialist window films, so we can help you transform your conservatory into a comfortable and relaxing space. 


Applied Products - This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. / 0845 017 1047

Is your conservatory too hot? 

Applied Products has a large range of specialist window films that will reduce the buildup of heat and glare, protect fabrics and furnishings by filtering out 99% of harmful UV rays. Therefore, keeping your conservatory comfortable all year round, whilst still allowing in the natural light.

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3M Thinsulate window film helps Provide increased insulation performance.

3M Thinsulate window film has a very low reflectivity and can be installed onto buildings where the apperance of the building cannot change, or where installing secondry glazing is not viable/permited. 3M Thinsulate is very near optically clear and enhances the existing glazing of a building without changing the appearance of the glass.


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